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My method for taking self portraits
Behind-the-scenes look at my process (including my setup)
Breakdown of some of my favorite self-portraits

WHAT's Included

hand placement, flattering vs. unflattering angles, or the subtle nuances of this smile vs. that smile. Taking self-portraits helps me better relate to how much clients are feeling in front of the camera, and helps me be more aware when I’m posing my subjects!

Whether for a fun family vacation, portraits in the snow, or whenever you’re having a particularly great hair day and want to document it (all things I’ve done), self-portraits are a great way to challenge your artistic expression and really hone your craft.

This guide walks you through my process of taking a self-portrait, including a behind-the-scenes look at some of my favorite ones that I've taken! 

One of my favorite aspects of a self-portrait is how AWARE it makes you of your own body-

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