THREE step-by-step methods for taking self portraits, so that no matter which DSLR you have, we've got you covered
A behind-the-scenes look at my exact process (including set-up, gear list, and links to triggers + tripods!)
13 personal + business shot ideas to get you started
A breakdown of some of my favorite self-portraits

WHAT's Included

See the 2019 self-portrait series recap

Whether it's a new bio photo for Instagram or your family's yearly holiday card, I can bet you've found yourself thinking on more than one occasion
"I just need one or two good shots, that's it!" 

The ability to capture portraits of yourself is a useful skill for EVERY photographer- I've used self-portraits for everything from vacation photos to our "we're adopting!" announcement, from my bio photo on social to custom stock photos of my wedding albums.
The possibilities are endless, and the flexibility it gives you AND your business allows you to the ability to document throughout the year, instead of just during a yearly photo shoot! 

As photographers, we often catch ourselves in a "cobbler's children never have shoes" situation. 

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