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It happens to all of us- despite your best intentions and the painstaking care you took to craft the perfect timeline, something ran behind and now you only have eight minutes for bride + groom portraits.

Rather than allowing panic to cloud your creative energy, having a no-frills, just-the-very basics strategy in mind will allow you to NAIL those can't-miss portraits!

Perfect for any photographer looking for help with romantic portraits, Posing in a Pinch walks you through the exact set of portraits international photographer Abby Grace uses to capture some of her most iconic bride + groom photographs

Refund Policy

What's Included


A 20-page PDF that includes basic posing theory, the three poses Abby Grace uses for almost ALL bride & groom portraits, and dozens of small tweaks that allow endless customization with minimal effort!

Included are examples of every variation in an easy-to-follow format, allowing you to put what you learn into practice RIGHT away! 

Refund Policy

What's Included


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