An explanation of how and when we send our pre-wedding questionnaire to clients
The full list of 38 questions I ask to prepare for every detail on a wedding day
My standard combinations for family formal portraits, and how to prevent those endless lists of posed family shots

WHAT's Included

why were family formals always chaotic? Why did my couples never let me know about potentially uncomfortable relationships on the wedding day? It didn’t even occur to me that I needed to ask for that information BEFORE the day of!

This document came about when I realized I didn’t HAVE to walk into a wedding day with little idea of what to expect, and it’s been an absolute game-changer! It started off in 2011 with a few basic questions, but has since grown to almost 40 fields of information that I collect prior to a wedding- from addresses to family formals to vendor contact information. This pre-wedding questionnaire is the most important document I have in prepping for my couples’ important days! 

During my first year in business, I could never figure out why I constantly felt like I was scrambling on a wedding day-

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