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The #1 difference-maker in a killer client experience is setting expectations. This'll help you do that, and do it in style.

Your clients need you to lead them. One of the simplest ways to earn the trust and confidence of your clients is to let them know what's coming and when!

The Client Welcome Guide is the #1 way we educate and lead our clients toward a killer branding photo shoot, without swapping dozens of emails back and forth. The Guide answers most questions that come up during the planning process, making for a smoother ride for everyone!

This template delivers you the actual content/verbiage I use with my own clients, and a polished layout to make designing easy AND help you look like an absolute pro!

Refund Policy

What's Included


Inside this instant download of a (gorgeous!) 30-page, 15-spread Adobe InDesign & Canva template, you’ll find:

A week-by-week breakdown of what’s due/coming up, so clients never have to wonder what comes next

A communication guide to let clients know how to get a hold of you, and when you’re available vs. out of the office

Timing expectations, so everyone is clear on the importance of meeting deadlines

What to look for when choosing a location for a shoot, for when you’re photographing a session outside of the client’s home/office

Basic outfit guidelines to help clients maximize the variety of images within their final gallery

Prop suggestions to get the wheels turning

A photo implementation guide, so progress doesn’t stall once their gallery arrives- let’s help them put their photos to work!

Please note that access to Adobe InDesign or Canva online software is required in order to customize the guide- this template cannot be edited in PhotoShop!

Refund Policy

What's Included


Q: How long will this take me to customize for a client? 
A: I generally spend 2 hours researching & preparing for a pre-shoot strategy call (which is when the Planning Template would be presented to a client). If you’re a Pinterest wiz, probably less time than that. This planning template will *substantially* cut down on the time you spend panic-Pinning the day before a shoot!

Q: Can I use your photos? 
A: You’ll replace my photographs with images from your own portfolio, as well as inspiration photos you find to present your vision to the client for their particular shoot. 

Q: Is this included in Brand Photography Academy? 
A: Only if you enrolled in September 2023! We included this product as a bonus for our most recent launch, but if you enrolled outside of that sale period, the Planning Template is not included in your BPA membership. 

Q: Can I share my Planning Template online? 
A: This template is meant for illustrative and planning purposes only- you have a license to use with individual clients, but you may not share the contents of the template publicly, or in any format other than a final PDF document.

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