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Sound like the pro you are with my test-driven email templates for brand photographers.

Words are hard sometimes, aren't they? Why is it that responding to an initial inquiry can feel so intimidating? You're worried that if you type the wrong thing, you'll come across as needy... and yet you REALLY want to book that client. 

I got you, friend. 

No more writer's block and blinking cursors when it comes to email- it's time to level up your communication game.

This pack of 15 emails will cover you from the very first inquiry all the way through final gallery delivery and asking for client feedback.

Quit wasting time searching for the perfect phrasing to get that client to sign the dang contract already- this collection of warm-but-professional email templates will help you communicate proactively, get paid on time without resorting to nagging, get your clients hyped for their final gallery, and more. 

Refund Policy

What's Included


The instant, downloadable PDF + Google Doc includes the following emails:

Initial inquiry response + follow-up email
Discovery call recap, next steps for booking
Follow-up when client hasn't responded
Last call email
Contract & retainer fee ("please sign!")
Follow-up when client hasn't signed/paid
Last call for the contract
Pre-shoot questionnaire delivery + follow-up
Time to book your pre-shoot call
Post-call recap + homework for client
One week out + essential details
Day before + essential details
Post-shoot thank you + sneak peek delivery
Gallery delivery + instructions
Post-shoot feedback + follow-up email

Future updates
A Google Doc with plain text of each email for easy copy + pasting into your email service provider.

Also included:

Refund Policy

What's Included


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