Setting Boundaries with Office Hours/Time Off
Declining the Request for a Discount
Declining a Request to Make Changes to Packages
Declining to Adjust or Modify Your Contract
When Vendors Ask for Free Photography/Work
When a Client Sends a Shot List
When a Client Sends a Pinterest Board of Someone Else’s Work
Answering the Request for Additional/Excessive Edits
When a Client Asks for RAW Files Before Booking
Client Asks for More Photos After Receiving Their Gallery
Client Asks for Something Not Included in Quote
Declining Request for Services You Don’t Offer
When Someone Asks to Meet and “Pick Your Brain”

WHAT's Included

Finding the perfect wording to gently decline the myriad of requests you receive on a weekly basis can cause inbox paralysis…all while more messages are continuing to accrue.

This set of email templates, created with wedding photographers in mind, is the solution to all of the most common emails you’ll receive that require what I call the Gentle No; declining with grace while maintaining the relationship. These templates will enable you to easily & quickly answer those tough emails in a way that serves and respects your clients, without sacrificing your business’ growth or reputation!

Saying “no” can be sticky in any scenario, but especially when it comes to being a photography business owner! 

What Is it?

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