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If someone asks what sets you apart from your competition, can you answer them in just one sentence?

You know there’s something unique about your offerings, but you’re having trouble enunciating just EXACTLY what that is. And because you can’t put words to it, you’re losing the opportunity to catch the attention of the people who are looking for YOU!

Your work is solid. You know it isn’t a problem with your work- I’m guessing it’s a problem with your WORDS.

You’re struggling to stand out in a crowd because you can’t distill your brand’s purpose, message, and unique selling proposition into an easy-to-understand package to sell to those who need it most. 

*Waves* Hi! Can I introduce you to my friend Branding Foundations?

This is your roadmap for clarifying your business’ message, character, and vibe into an easy-to-recognize BRAND that your clients could spot from a mile away. 

In the words of one of my clients, “abstract” doesn’t sell… unless it’s a painting.

You and I both know you’re awesome. So… isn’t it about time you put your finger on exactly WHAT it is that makes your business so remarkable?

This is the missing piece so many business owners never realize they’re missing.

Refund Policy

What's Included


Inside this online course you’ll find:

Instant access to the Branding Foundation mini course, housed in our online dashboard

18 chapters of text-based content- no videos that you have to keep skipping forward/backward because you can’t remember where you stopped paying attention

Resource section that includes every brand-centric vendor we use (from website templates to social media planning apps, from stationery vendors to mobile editing presets)

Brand Manual template for creating your own home base for visuals, language, voice, target audience, and more (perfect for whenever you’re introducing a new team member or designer to your business)

Future updates

Optional add-on ($50 + $10 shipping):

A printed, bound copy of Branding Foundations for those of us who love highlighting, underlining, and writing in the margins (anyone else miss their college textbooks?)

Refund Policy

What's Included


Due to the nature of the downloading of digital goods, all sales are final.

We love bringing new educational content to creative small business owners, so please remember that this product is intended only for the use of the purchaser and may not be shared in portion or as a whole with any other parties!

Whenever we update the product, you'll get a notification with the new version directly to your inbox! No having to buy a new version every two years here (looking at you Apple).

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